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Court Case

An astrological remedy to win court cases, baglamukhi puja is the solution for legal-law problems.
In the Court of Justice, the applicant Yaayi Vaadi is a person who goes to the Court of Justice and files a suit. The defendant Sthayi Prativaadi is the person against whom the proceedings were instituted. Birth cards can be used to study the conditions affecting the results of things like litigation and legal issues and action plan is more favorable may be advised. “Astrology Prashna” which is immensely popular in Kerala, gives great insights and provides valuable information that can be used to provide a more comprehensive view of the case. The case can be decomposed, the various elements identified, mapped and analyzed astrologically.

The third house to house eight are considered to belong to the defendant and the ninth to the second chamber is said to belong to the plaintiff. The lagna is querrent and the seventh house represents the opponent. If the Lagna Lord is weakened or burned, the querrent could not win. If the lagna and seventh house are occupied by malefic, the result of the litigation will not occur and even peaceful-ago ithasala the seventh Lord and the Lord of Lagna